Going On Three Years Since The Break Up, How Do I Move On

My ex broke up with me about three years ago. We are practically neighbors we live around the block from each other.
I know since the break-up he has two girlfriends and  believe their both in love with him.  One lives out of town,
I know she gives him money. the other woman, they work in the same place. He takes turns with them every other weekend
.  After we broke up and old boyfriend of mine came back into my life. Although my feelings for him are gone,
 I tried telling him so I would not hurt him nor did I want to waste his time. He kept telling to give
it time, I care that he does good in life, but the love is gone.. Exbf#1 knew I was dating someone  he asked to see me
. after the first evening together he dropped me  like a hot potato and said all he wanted to do was break me up
with exbf#2. He was not interested in me. Little did he know he  did me a favor. Now he is back to his girls.
He drives by my house everyday on his way to and back from work. There has been times when I see him stretching
his neck out to see my house.  For whatever reason, I don't know why he would want to give me mixed signals or is it me. I
think feel he does not want me and he doesn't want  nobody else to have me.  I want to move on,
I am having trouble meeting new friends, We were together 10 years, most of the time it was just us two and family.  My
family has moved out of state, Should I move out of state also. I am so close to paying of my home. I feel stuck, if anyone has
suggestions for me please help.
jayjoe jayjoe
51-55, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

Dear Curious Sgt, I thank you for your good suggestion. Your idea has given me the boost I needed. To pay my home off is a goal for me. As for the autos in the driveway, that is an excelent idea. I don't know anyone that would like to park their auto in my driveway. .Recently I've had the pleasure of parking an additional car in my drive-way,(this is the reason his stretching his neck) My one and only son recently bought me a car. It is an older car, mint condition, new tires, no dents, I had the windows tinted. I am not sure if I am allowed to mention make and model. I am pleased to show off my car. It all makes sense. I kind of new what I need to do, but it sure feels good when someone else guides you with their ideas, Especially coming from a man, who would know better how a boy thinks. Thanks again, I have a reputation with my family . I am afraid they would laugh at me, if I related my situation with them.