Magical Morning

Someone told me that if you keep waking up in the "middle of the night," make a note of the time and if the time is consistent, then sit up and take notice, this is the time when the you comes out.

My magic time is 4-5 a.m., before the world on the eastern seaboard wakes up and demands me.  This is the time when I try to remember my dreams so I can write them down (they say your dreams can either be confusing issues that your brain is trying to figure out, mumbo jumbo stuff, or something you are ignoring, or...I just got a book on Inner World, will keep you posted as I unfold and read).

So I rise, feed my cats.  They usually demand to go outside, but now that they are 3 and a little more mature, they recognize cold and are waiting it out a little bit more (which reminds me to go check that catbox upstairs...)

After taking care of their needs, (plop a spoonful of Fancy Feast into their dishes), I turn to my own needs.  The dishes more than likely used for supper last night--it happened to be a drop 'em dead meatloaf that dropped the glass dish dead and needed to be filled with hot water to soak!--and my now famous goose neck pot to fill so I can have my now famous pour over coffee. That started...

I turn on the laptop.  I go to my social networks and check in.  "Good morning" to friends, reading their writings, checking in on my kids.  And then answering my email and/or looking up things that I am interested in for personal growth.

Then 6 a.m. and it's time to do my stretches to the morning news.  And on with the day. 

But I have learned to cherish that early morning hour.  I can't wait to go to bed at night because I know that my time is coming up soon when I can rise with no distractions (well, after the cats).  It's my time for thinking.  It's my time for me.

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2 Responses Nov 9, 2012

I wake up between 4 and 5 am but either go to the loo or turn over till 6.

Great story! I, too, love the early morning hours when the house is quiet and my time is my own....and, ditto about the cats!