Closure From a Traumatic Experience Is So Important.

     To get past the traumatic experience is the personal growth that we all need to learn to deal with adversity.  I used to get so hung up on my past and blame my current behavior on what I had gone through.  Life is not easy and we all deal with adversity, drama and trauma different from each other.  I have friends who think that "breaking a nail" is a crisis and I can sit there and listen to them be whiny and all, but it's a constant reminder that I am strong because I have endured so much worse. Even so, it reminds me that my sweet Saviour and Lord Jesus Christ, endured dramatically more for the world and it's sins than the whole galaxy put together.

     The feeling of survival is a very positive thing and gives us closure in order to acknowledge that we have "grown" spiritually and emotionally and move on and forward with our life.  It is the hope that we can then share and be there for someone else who is going through the same pain at the moment.  This is what survivors do to encourage those who are victims.  The goal would then be to transform those victims into survivors just like us.  It is my personal goal to make a difference in a victim's life by sharing my survival techniques with them.

((HUGS)) to all my EP friends and peers.

Peace be with you and yours.

Love, SavingMissy <><

SavingMissy SavingMissy
36-40, F
Aug 2, 2008