I've Been Both!

I have been victimized for most of my life. I was a child-abuse victim (from my birth-father), then bullied most of my school-life, and then finally a rape victim. I know all about being a victim and it was just not the place to be! I was shattered, broken, gave-in to negative thoughts and lived in depression.

But now I am a survivor! It's much different than being a victim. I am able to acknowledge what happened to me wasn't my fault. And that I didn't deserve it. And when I think of my past, there are next to none tears, no nightmares, no flashbacks. Granted, it will always be a dark part of me, for the rest of my life. But it no longer defines me, as a person. I no longer let it control me and harm any future relationship I may have. And that's the difference between being an victim and survivor, I think. :-)

Now, I only recount these things in EP stories or conversations, not because the past is still bothering me. Most times, I forget that those situations had ever happened. My mind is no longer trapped in them, 24-7. But I post them here in hopes that my story will give someone a push in the right direction. Or at least, some hope. True, when bad things happen, you do become a victim. But you don't have to be one, for the rest of your life. Take care, everyone. :-)

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2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

well written and you are to be commended for sharing an outlook that is positive...:)

Thank you for sharing your experience : ) I totally agree and I am a survivor also...no longer a victim. Ever thought of becoming an Advocate? You'd be able to empower other survivors of abuse and crime. Just a thought : )