On tv it seems like the claws of cats big or small arent that scary not sharp lmao since ive grown up with dogs and their nails are somewhat rough and can only do scratches..

During my playtime with one of my cats a few mins ago, she scratched my ring finger (inside part) .. Before it happened i am really expecting ill be scratched and wud get claw marks but during that incident (as it happens) i felt her claw sliced my finger!! Its like a knife! That sharp i swear! And i know she cut my finger open! Yup it bleed but i was calm so i immediately pressed it to bleed off (hoping some bacteria wud come out lmao) then washed it with soap

Then!!! It started to sting lmao!! I was feeling like a crybaby!! I wanted to cry lol it hurts! Then i started to panic lmao!! Yes its so crazy!

So now lesson learnt.. Yea those on tv are real hahaha kidding! Never underestimate things..
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4 Responses Jan 13, 2015

oh. very hard to hear. take care of your health

Those claws are no joke. I got scratched one time & learned very quickly that I would never want to be in a knife fight.

Please apply some antiseptic cream and cover ok...:-)