I was raised in a very traditional home.  The man takes care of certain things.  He makes sure that his wife always feels secure and is secure.  In order to have a strong house one that is one that honors God, I was taught that a man leads.  He leads when he dances with a woman and makes positive, encouraging suggestions for the improvement of the relationship.  It is he who gets on bended knee to propose (once he knows that she would welcome such a request).  It is the man who defends the woman's honor.

I believe in women being independent.  I don't think a woman should have to feel like she is inadequate without a man.  I admire strong women who can and do take care of themselves.  I don't like (excuse the expression) mousy dames who can't make a simple decision without falling to pieces.

I believe a woman deserves a man who she can be proud of and look up to with admiration.  A man who is proud to escort a woman to the best places and not be ashamed to be seen with her or for her to be ashamed of being seen with him.

It is sad that men these days do not live up to the word Gentlemen.  Many of them sit around and sponge off women and basically act like a pimp.  It is disgraceful.  From women come life, we should cherish women for being the beautiful creatures that they are and be a strong leader that they deserve.
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There are very few traditional men out there. Many of them only see one side of being traditional, the side of being oppressive to women to boost their own self-esteem. It is refreshing to see that you are a true traditionalist in that you are a strong leader without being stifling to a woman. Very good for you.

I think if men are strong then women are free to be the beautiful creatures that they are. I appreciate a strong woman. I believe it makes a strong man a better man.

You got that right.

You got that right. It is sad that men do not live up to the word Gentlemen.

Very well said, dear. I am happy that you are a strong gentleman in our relationship. I am very proud to have you escort me to dinner and to other places.