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I wonder why I still believe in such an old fashioned view point, but its true, I still believe its the mans place to lead.  Now don't get me wrong, I am not some anti-feminist, nor am I a weak-willed virgin, no, I am an independent self-confident woman of the 21st century; and yet here I am still believing in such things.... and i ask myself why?  Maybe its because I am old-fashioned enough to believe in there being a head of household, or maybe its because, whilst relationships are set on equal basis, with two people working towards a better life for themselves as a couple, or a family, I still believe that there needs to be one person who takes the lead, and as I am as heterosexual as they come, I would look to my partner to take the lead.  I recognise that  I am a dichotomy, to want give myself to another, to give them that power, but in doing so, aren't I actually showing my strength, in submitting to one person to take the lead..... and since I am a strong, independent, self-confident women, I would not give myself lightly, I will not be used or abused.... the person I let take the lead would have to be worthy, would have to show me by example and experience that they were worth my following them.... and therein lies the rub - I have yet to find such an individual, but it doesn't stop me believing
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I wouldn't want a woman that wanyed to be lead. I only respect grown women who want equality and stand on their own two feet.