Involved In The Age Old Spiritual Warfare Between God & Satan, Good Vs Evil ...

Google, well researched ebook, The Two Bablylons by Alexander Hislop, exposing with overwheliming evidence how each distinctive RC dogma is traced back to forbidden Babylonian occult & unbiblical

For 50 years now, my prayers, like those of all born again Bible believers, have travelled the world instantly, moving the hand of God absolutely everywhere

I Am a Martial Artist

Involved In The Age Old Spiritual Warfare Between God & Satan, Good vs Evil

By: Me

Written on September 15th, 2012

I'm ex-champ MMA teamster, now into something FAR more exciting !!!!

As are ex-world champs Chuck Norris & Tony Anthony (whose autobio, Taming The Tiger, is a movie too)

I came in just now to post this, that I just emailed a good Christian online friend, who hasn't yet joined EP

I often think @ when Christ returns for Armageddon & thunders, "YOU have divided MY land!" That's Isra-el, the only nation on whom God put His name

He promised Abraham everything from R Nile to R Euphrates in Genesis 12 & 15

I read your email when I was so tired, I nearly dropped off

Having prayed, what came forecefully to mind was Matt 24 birthpains

Birthpains accelerate & intensify till they get way past the point of no return, to bring on The Great Delivery

If I were a gambler, I'd lay odds we'll be Matt 24:30-42 Rapture rescued soon - as @ 1 Thessalonians 4:13-5:11

"NOW is the acceptable time"

"NOW is the day of salvation

"TODAY, if you hear God's voice, don't harden your hearts"

We must complete our Matt 28 Great Commission

All who have not yet made Jesus your Lord & Saviour need to do it NOW

Ask Jesus to forgive all your sin

Invite Him to live in your heart as Saviour & Lord - as @ John 3 & Romans 3


Locals are invited to @ 10.30am

& to @ 6pm

ShyButCreativeSexyGuy ShyButCreativeSexyGuy
46-50, M
Sep 16, 2012