I Can't Stand Anti Spanking Nazis

Every parent is different, each parent does it different. There is no right or wrong way just as long as there is no child abuse. Some parents spank their kids, some parents don't. But what I hate is when people judge people for hitting their kids and yelling out "child abuse" and wanting to call CPS on them or start judging them and thinking they should be thrown in prison or have their kids taken away. If you don't believe in spankings but yet don't judge parents who do it and you don't care if they do it or not because whatever works for their kids, to each their own. Then you are not a anti spanker nazi.

Okay if I were to hit my kid in public and some person threatened to call social services on me and have my kid taken from me, I would tell him/her they are free to follow me around until I get to my car so they can get my license number. I wouldn't care if they actually do this or not because spanking is not illegal and just as long as there are no marks left on their skin, not child abuse. They would probably laugh at that person. This is what I would call a anti spanker nazi. Threatening to report you, saying you should have your kid taken from you.
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3 Responses May 9, 2012

You are so iht if you dont belive in spnaking an know or see someone getting spank shut up an walk away<br />
i spank my girls all the way up till late teenagers they are fine young ladies

I am totally greed with you!!!<br />
when it comes to spanking, there is much difference in disciplining and abusing.<br />
A good spanking is the best way to discipline, and its got nothing to do with child abuse.<br />
all the parents have different techniques to maintain discipline, but one should not judge the other.

If anything, I'm a pro- spanking nazi.