Number One Rule For Singles

Find the kindest mate that you can, you will be blessed, always. 

Sexy and good looking are only skin deep, looks/lust often do not last for long....

mean and hateful go to the bone and usually last forever.

Kindness is SEXY, say this with me ladies and gentlemen....KINDNESS
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone
56-60, F
6 Responses Aug 28, 2011

And you are certainly a VERY sexy lady my dear! (very big smile) with a VERY big heart.....

Thank you for that reminder ......

This is so true. I lived it, and I never thought about it.<br />
My EX is a very handsome, smart, and educated man; however, he is very mean. Life with him is a nightmare.

Thank you for the wonderful advice. Blessings to you

You deserve only the very KINDEST my sweet wonderful precious friend. Hugs, HBC

This is an original Hillbillycrone. And since you are wise and glowingly happy, you are very credible. I will keep this rule in my head and in my heart. Thank you for sharing:-)