There Were 2 Trees In the Garden

To know is to do.

Or is it? 

Though I might have all knowledge and see all things as they should be, do I have the power to affect change in what I see?

What is power?   Simply put, power is the ability or capacity to perform or act effectively.

Yet so many believe knowledge is power.  It is indeed not power but may be the beginning of power if it is followed by the correct action or reaction.  Therefore knowledge in and of itself is not power.  Rather knowledge accompanied by the correct action is power.

We see so many things every day.  Our senses never seem to tire of beholding new things.  Many things are opened up or revealed to us in a day but is this power?

In the beginning there was nothing on this planet.  The earth revolved aimlessly in space like any other lifeless planet in the universe.  But then, one day someone of great knowledge, vision and power said it was time to put power into use on this planet and seven days later the earth was full of power.  There was electricity, solar power, wind, fast-flowing rivers, magnetism, etc -all manner of visible and  invisible power was available but also, as yet, unharnessed as sources of power to affect change.

One person had the vision and saw the need to create something out of virtually nothing and He did just that; and He was very pleased by what was created. This person moved forward in what He saw until it was complete.

The result was a planet full of life and power.  Was the power in the creation?  Yes, it seems at least the potential was there but for the most part, this power remained untapped until mankind (those who saw a need for and had an inspiration to harness the power) saw potential power available to affect their environment.

How many truly powerful people do you know?  I know very few.  How many powerless people? I know far too many. 

If I could have one wish, I think it would be to be able to help enable the powerless to find power to at least affect the changes they desperately need to alter their course from powerless to one of power and thereby have the ability to affect change giving them proper, permanent authority over their circumstances.

To do without the power to do is simply doing.  There are many "doers" out there;  people who have an idea but no real knowledge of what taking an action will do and how it will affect the balance of power.  Usually this kind of "doing" only creates the need for someone who has true power and authority to do it right to come in and correct the malfunction.

There were 2 trees in the garden but now there is only one available to mankind in and of himself-the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  Why?  Because one person selfishly fell into the temptation of trying to have knowledge without the authority to use it and without realizing the effects this would have on the rest of creation.  Through one person, we have knowledge of good and evil and through that one person we also have death. Imagine what it would be like to have both knowledge and eternal life yet no power to ever change anything in your life?

This is not to say the power of the other tree is not available to those who truly seek it.  But that too must come at a cost.  Many will continue to search for life but few have the vision to be able to comprehend that the cost is forsaking mere knowledge....emptying out of one's own "power" and seeking the higher power that can and will definitely affect change in all areas of life.

Knowledge is the beginning of power-the door to power if you will.  Once the door is opened we can choose to walk through in full knowledge or to stand and look through the door first to see what may lie ahead and then slowly walk through it or we can simply stand at the door and never open it.....


PiratedePassion PiratedePassion
41-45, M
Mar 14, 2009