I Don't Know Anything.

Well... this is a tough one for me to grasp. I've heard and practiced ignorance is bliss and it seems to be working in my favor for the time being. I believe knowledge is power but it's not what I seek. I believe knowledge is the key to obtaining material objects and control over situations. The type of situations which are bound to have emotional or physical alterations throughout a being's existence, or experiences. Although I'm pretty smart according to people I know, it doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere that I want to be. I seem to have a more naturalistic point of view towards how I portray my idealistic life in comparison to the real world. I guess all I want is to start a family with a woman who truly loves me for me and raise my own children, live my life, work hard(it's good for you, ya'know?), and be able to express emotions my parents could not express to me for fear of impression. I guess at the end of the day knowledge is power but will power make you successful in life? What truly is success, the betterment of mankind or the financial gain to an individual and his/her kin for a prospect of what is seen as happiness? I guess my points is this... stop chasing power through knowledge and simply be happy. It is a mindset that takes practice to master. Is it delusional? Probably, but then again perception is reality so if you perceive happiness to be accessed through your imagination, is it delusional?

Anyways... I don't like to redefine too much for my fear of sounding insane, which I likely am. Feel free to comment.
jimmywisdom jimmywisdom
18-21, M
Jul 23, 2012