Knowing Your Subject Can Make a Big Difference

Although I am educated, and do my best to write and speak intelligently, I don't think either necessarily qualifies me as learned or knowledgeable.  Even at 40, I freely acknowledge that I am not the shiniest, most efficient car in the lot.  You know the old saying, knowledge begins by saying "I don't know?"  And I'm not always that motivated to carry the baton uphill, to the answers, either. 

However . . . having said all of that . . . I have taken the uphill journey enough times to know that a little bit of investigating and learning can take a person a long way.  Even if I don't know every side of an issue, taking the time to do some research allows me to make a more informed decision. 

This sounds like information that is only be helpful during elections.  But I carry my knowledge and education with me.  I don't mind being put to the test on subjects, either.  Just because I think I know about a topic doesn't mean everyone has to agree with me.  There are more shades of opinion out there than in an overcast sky.  If we happen not to agree on a subject, I will likely respect your point of view nonetheless.  I am not as likely to back down from my own opinion, either, if I've done my homework and can back up my opinions.

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Thank-you. I'm glad you like it, and I thank-you for taking the time to read it.

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