Yes Knowledge Is Power,power Is the Key!

i believe knowledge is power and that power is the key ,they used it for many centuries against slaves and build empires on slavery ignorance and blood,and yes i really feel sorry for people that dont want to learn the simple things in life,with knowledge u can bypass most of the bullsh*t that we were teached when we were kids,if we just learn simple things in life we can cut atleast 2 days a week of work which we waist on simple stuff that we dont know about and have the enjoyment of those things anyway and probably better,like saying cooking your own bread and thats just a simple thing ,i believe we can make our own fuel and our own electricity,we just need to think about it! yes knowledge is power and the key! the key to a successful living without being slaves of our own brain! 

knightshadow knightshadow
26-30, M
Sep 2, 2009