Too Many Questions

A man is found dead from a shotgun wound to the head; he was found in death with the shotgun in his grip

Suicide, right? That's what the papers say but...

Morphine levels in his blood far exceed the fatal dose; there should not be enough time for him to neatly pack away his drug paraphernalia, pick up the shotgun, position it and pull the trigger before complete incapacitation

Fingerprints were not lifted from the gun till weeks later; his prints were not found; no legible prints were found on the firearm

The trigger was pulled by the right hand; he was left handed

His 'suicide note' does not resemble one at all in tone or content; the handwriting does not match all the way through

Someone attempted to use his credit card after his death

Only after his death did claims of his suicidal tendencies go public, all reported by his wife

His wife who he, according to his lawyer and close friend, was planning to divorce and who, due to a pre-nuptial agreement would have walked away from the marriage empty handed

His wife who has a well documented history of deceit and manipulative behaviour

A well documented history of violent behaviour

Who was found with practice handwriting samples in her possession

Who was claimed to have tried to hire a man to kill her husband; the man passed a polygraph test; he was killed by a train not long after he made public these claims

She has been publicly accused of murder by a private investigator she hired to track her husband in the days before his death

Apart from some passing mentions, she ignores him completely; he goes on tv, radio, the internet naming her as a killer - she has never attempted to sue him; she would have to answer too many questions

This is a person who sues/beats up/rants at anyone who looks at her sideways

I don't BELIEVE Cobain was murdered. I don't believe that just because Courtney Love is a disgusting human being that she had him killed. Things don't really fit and if you read into this case there are far too many unanswered questions that make you wonder how his death was declared to be a suicide so quickly; surely there are enough anomalies and inconsistencies to conduct a coronial inquest; it may or may not result in any new information or it may reveal either way what really happened

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This was a sad time in my life. I've never been much of a groupie...have met a few stars and didn't get "struck" but this had devastated me. And for Courtney to act out even more than she was known for--it was an all around shame.