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Has anyone noticed how hypnotic the song Monster is, especially if you use head phones. It makes me wonder if some of her music is designed to activate something in our heads maybe there is even frequencies in her music we can't hear when it is being played. Her most recent video is extremely overly sexual, When I watch her videos, I look at them (with no sound first so I don't get distracted when I looking for certain illuminati things) within the first two minutes, it was too much seeing these images in the video that appeared to reference sexual things and focus on below her waist, I had to stop watching.
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Just what are Illuminati symbols? All I see is her doing what it takes to make money, like Madonna in her heyday, or tons of gestures and moves that the guys do every day and no one seems to notice or criticize them. Some of you need to get off your high horses and take off your blinders that your religions have placed on you. Think for yourself...Every one has their own idea of what is appropriate for a performance, if she is offensive to you turn off your radio and tv when she is on and don't buy her products. That speaks louder than any message board. you have no right to judge her or anyone else for what they do (unless you are God). Just remember when you point a finger at some one you have 4 pointed at yourself.

You are welcome Sunny

Thanks for the comment and video, Caliper :D

Don't idolize her pumkinseeds, she is only what her handlers want her to be; a degenerate always going for the shock factor. once you are desensitized to all this deba<x>sement of life's functions you will never see life through the same eyes. No compassion, no love of life, no caring to live any longer. Look at the larger picture and have self respect for the person you are, don't let this crap be a part of your life.<br />
I read a story about John Todd (an illuminati turned whistle blower,)a while back and he said that all music goes through a ritual to make the music addictive. it was a real eye opener for me because I was totally a fan of all kinds of music. Now I keep if simple and don't listen as I used to.<br />
I read for a past time.

@ Undertone, Thanks. I’ll give this one a look. I have seen quite of few of these on YouTube but I haven’t seen this one.<br />
@Punkinseeds I use to love Lady Gaga too! But no more ;) Once I started watching those documentaries about some things in the music industry and around this time I also realized there is something more to the music we listen too, it actually can affect us on a subconscious level so I had to stop listening to her music. One thing about her music was it lingered in my head much more than any other songs and some of her lyrics aren’t positive- Bad Romance, etc.<br />
Now if the artist isn’t positive, I don’t listen to them nor will buy their albums because by listening to strange/unpositive lyrics are doing absolutely nothing for me but possibly influencing my mind in ways I do not want.<br />
As far a Lady Gaga not knowing what she is doing. She does. I was looking at one of her interviews- the purposely and slowly covered one of her eyes! Lol. She may be unaware of the symbolism of what she does but I believe everything about her is controlled (the way she dresses in public, her songs, etc) and she accepts it. Prior to becoming famous, she didn’t act like this nor did she talk the way she does now, look up- she was on a MTV show and will see how she was then. I also read were the people that were around said she was normal and there no clue or any indication she was like how he is now. Lady Gaga name even means empty headed, which in my opinion is another hint she isn’t in control of herself.<br />
Oddly enough, though she actually warned people when she wore that meat dress that- she wore it because said if we don’t stand up for our rights, all we are going to have is the meat on our bones, which is true considering what is happening now but I’m sure that went over many of her fans heads.