I Was Reminded Today!

Lately I've been more focused and a bit more serious than usual.

A friend of mine back from Brazil rang me today out of the blue. And said how she always had a laugh with me and reminded be this story, when I was a kid I fell from my bicycle in slow motion and for an unfortunate reason lied down in the mud. She couldn't stop laughing telling me the story. And she said that I laughed so hard at myself, that she never saw someone that can laugh at themselves so easily. Not taking myself too seriously and how I helped her to liberate herself and not to worry too much about things. (Ironic or what) =))  So sweet! Brought me tears of joy! And it was a good laugh, at the right moment!
There is nothing wrong with being more focused, but we cannot forget how laughter is precious.
Thanks to my friend to remind me! smiley
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Aug 8, 2010