It Is Hard For Laws to Be Base...

It is hard for laws to be based around morals, when every single person has a different set of morals. What most accept, is not accepted by all. And sometimes, what most people accept isn't that fair, but that's why they say life's not fair... Instead of worrying about being morally fair to all people, laws should be based more on common sense, which is an extension of morals themselves, but is more widely acceptable. It would be impossible to make a set of laws that didn't offend the morals of somebody, but all people have common sense (though many rarely ever use that sense) so it would be more justified to have sense influence laws than what people see as morally offensive and/or fair.
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1 Response Jan 10, 2007

The end of the world is tomorrow. The day after that, it will end again. Our earth has been dying for a very long time, and we are it's disease. The only progress mankind has accomplished in our history, is our conception of life, and it's deeper meaning. Though we have yet to break true ground in the practice of morality, we continue to act as if our philosophies guide our actions. Actions in the name of god, in the name of our country and even our very principals. So I ask you this: What is the meaning of your life? What guides you to a greater purpose? Do you know the reasons behind your actions and reactions? ...Your inactions?<br />
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The truth is that there is no proper answer for our purpose, only to say that we DO have one. The meaning of your life is that your life has meaning. I am not an overly religious person, but I believe that the bible spoke true of the ten commandments. Greed and sloth are two of our greatest flaws as a people, but the downfall of humanity and the root of all evil bears but one name: Ignorance. It is the greatest bane of mankind, and the one thing that has survived all attempts to surpass it. We die of ignorance every day. We kill in it's name, and feed it to our children. We teach and we preach it, we call it our law, we call it our lord. Ignorance lives where everything dies, and it has haunted us from the first actions of humanity.<br />
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Our ideals and philosophies claim to follow the right path, to travel the road of truth, when that road has yet to be built for others to find. There have been many questions asked, but nobody has so much as proposed an answer. Why do we live the way we do? Why are so many people lost to their own inactions? Is it their fault we are so divided? Is it the fault of those tainted by pride and ignorance? If you believe this, then think again. It is our fault, your fault. It is the responsibility of the enlightened to reveal the proper road to travel. Not in theory or thought, but in action and practice. That is our purpose. Our society is a nexus of chaos, a paradox of rights and wrongs, and it amazes me that this chaos survives. There is no moral law or justice, not even a structure for society to follow. We are forced to assume our own individual opinions about our lives and the lives of others. We are doomed to fight and die in the name of a lost cause, a human idea. To believe in anything completely and without exception is inherently evil - even if it's for the right reasons. The road to hell is paved with the best intentions, while the path of enlightenment is scarred by false perceptions.<br />
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If the end of the world is tomorrow. The day after that it will end again. Will you be there when it comes?