Well, I Am a Christian and ...

Well, I am a Christian and I beileve they should invlve morality. I mean thats how it was years ago. I mean people back then were punsihed if they did immoral things. SO there wasnt as much bad stuff going on becasue of fear of that.

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1 Response Jan 11, 2007

My issue with morality in law is only that it violates the freedoms of others. People must wake up and realize that the truth about reality is that they have no control over outer events. They only control their actions, their choices, their thoughts, and their feelings. For example... A woman wants to walk around topless, because men are allowed to. Then she should be allowed to, because to say otherwise is sexist discrimination. What others make of her breasts is not her problem or issue. It is the issue of the ones judging her, and something they have internal control over, not her- though people like that never want to admit they have such control because it also means that one cannot blame anyone but themselves for how they feel about what happens to them. Their minds move so quickly to pre-determined conclusions about the meaning of the event that they haven't even had time to use their critical thinking skills to determine whether or not their mind is giving them a true and accurate perception of what happened. Then they give in to their emotion, because they feel that they must absolutely be right about this thing. They assume that their rights are violated by the woman walking topless, because they chose to be offended (yes, that's what I said, they CHOSE to be offended, because of the viewpoint they decided to agree with via their own intellectual sloth) when, really, it is the other way around, society is forcing its view on the woman by saying she does not have the same rights as men.