Wow. Another Rightard Economic Panacea Lambasted By Economists!

NutMeg Witless has a PLAN for California. A PLAN to cut taxes for the rich. A PLAN to cut regulation of Corporate Capitalism. A PLAN to ram budgets that put children in breadlines. A PLAN...that will not work say economists of repute.

Seems Ms. Gigabucks neglected the whole 'employment rises when sales rise' issue that is REALLY impacting jobs in California...and the nation for that matter.

Without a bailout of MAIN STREET, the Wall Street Thieves, like when NutMeg was part of the Board at Goldman Sachs, the authors of every speculative bubble to burst since 1973, there will not be CUSTOMERS and without CUSTOMERS there is no hiring.,0,4270300.story
bitlord bitlord
Sep 19, 2010