But..but, But, I Thought Capitalists Were Always Right

and that greed, alone, runs the successful universe.

So why is teh monopolist egg farmer refusing to testify before Congress about the 1600 or so hospitalized due to salmonella in his eggs?

Wait, isn't greed GOOD?

Doesn't greed WORK?

Isn't regulation "EVIL"?

Apparently, none of the above.

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6 Responses Sep 22, 2010

I give what is asked for :)

Give 'em hell!

Hammerhead,<br />
<br />
aye, but you think these neoconservatives know any better what to do with our money? are you a fan of GWB and the like, or are you a Democratic Republican?<br />
<br />
Further, we have problems at home. Two million people in prison in the United States, I heard President Mahmoud Ahmadenijad say that to Larry King last night. He knows, and he's the leader of a nation which overthrew the dictatorial regime we supported in Persia. Perhaps America would do well to listen, as well as help?

Hammeredhead, Republicans ALREADY made America so broke that they spent 82% of the national debt, or 11.8 TRILLION of the current 12.7 trillion.<br />
Looks like PIGS already did it for you.<br />
Of course, PIGS have caused the last 5 recessions by deregulation.

Reaganomics in-action, ladies and gents. "Buy my stuff, and I don't give a **** what it does to you."

Wrong tluvascott. Obama didn't spend 82% of the national debt, sending American manufacturing to China.<br />
It was, you recall, Raygun who broke the unions so right to work for nothing states would run the country.<br />
REPUBLISCUMM killed your daddies country.<br />
Not the Democrats.