Liberal Writer For Washington Post Jumps Obama Ship

It seems a liberal writer for the washington post has changed his mind of what team obama is doing.

February 27, 2009

The WaPo gets the shakes at O-dacity.

James Lewis
You and I know what an unbelievable series of high-risk gambles Obama is taking with the future of this country. None of the liberals I've talked to so far have the faintest inkling of a smidgen of a notion of even a tiny whiff of an idea. They are so deep in the Obama bag that their frilly knickers are almost covered.

But David Broder, the "Dean" of liberal pundits presiding at the Washington Post itself, has finally caught on. Mr. Broder has the shakes over Obama's O-dacity. Good news! Here's one liberal who is in touch with reality, and he's scared out of his wits.


Writes Mr. Broder, 


"The size of the gamble that President Obama is taking every day is simply staggering. What came through in his speech... Tuesday night was a dramatic reminder of the unbelievable stakes he has placed on the table in his first month in office, putting at risk the future well-being of the country and the Democratic Party's control of Washington." (italics added)


I've come to believe that the Obama crowd is naive to the point of stupidity. They are very intelligent, mind you. They have more academic degrees than the faculty of Harvard. But intelligent people are often deeply stuck in their fix-the-world fantasies, which makes them idiot savants. (There's a reason why that's a French term --- Moliere wrote a comedy about it four centuries ago.)


These people have never accomplished anything but suckering the voters --- and each other. Their policy genius, David Axelrod, is a PR agent. That helped with the campaign, but it means nothing for good government. They seem to have no concept of the economy. They want to impose a cap-and-trade system on "carbon emissions," like oil and coal. That comes down to making Monopoly money and forcing energy-using corporations to pay for it.  They have no concept of productive investment compared to a wild spending spree on feel-good ideas, or on kickbacks to their buddies in Chicago. After all the "community organizer" hoo-hah they still learned nothing from the welfare fiasco that was inflicted on Black families by LBJ's War on Poverty, and which ended up hurting them more than anything Bull Connor could have done --- by way of family breakdown, helpless dependency, drugs, and gang warfare. They've just abolished Bill Clinton's (!) version of welfare reform, which was forced upon him by the Gingrich Congress, and which has ended up really helping people, not hurting them.


Conclusion: These folks are arrogant and ignorant. Intelligent, yes, articulate, yes, and utterly persuasive to millions of suckers, yes.


But reality has a harsh way with fools.


David Broder is now spotting the looming steam locomotive chugging his way, and he is seeing a grave danger to "the Democratic Party's control of Washington."


Too bad for the Democratic Party.


But what worries me very much is that Obama is "putting at risk the future well-being of the country," as Broder writes. That means you and me and all the things we care about. And Obama is much too arrogant to change his mind.


Watch for a bad train wreck down the road.
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6 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Yes Josephy, our country needs stand up and shout when the NY Times prints Judy Miller's Breathless WMD lies, as directed by the PNAC...To shout out loud that even a Civil War didn't make us abandon the bill of Rights...To remember, and confront, the CONSERVATIVE news liars who claim Democrats started the Iraq war crime...To remember that Colin Powell and Condi Rice were going worldwide, giving speeches declaring Saddam DISARMED in May, 2001.<br />
Above all, remember this. If it makes Bush look good, it's bad for Americans.<br />
Just ask the 4200+ dead so Bush could "get everything I want passed, and have a successful Presidnecy"

Democrats=Republicans=Democrats=Republicans and so on. You people need to understand that they are all the same regardless of what party they belong to. They lie, they cheat, they steal. They do not give a d@mn about you. It is all about power and nothing else. <br />
<br />
Wake up, your country needs you.

i was against bush's big government too. if there had been tea party's for that i would have made tea there too.

Tea party's? (eye roll) Good Lord. Obama's has been in office for exactly 30 days and already he is being declared so "out of control" that the violent overthrow of the government has become necessary.<br />
<br />
Guys, the Stimulus Bill is designed to help get credit flowing through banks to businesses (capitalism kinda depends on bank credit to function properly). That's it! Jesus, where were you people when Bush was ***-raping this country for 8 years???<br />
<br />
The double standard here is shocking. Bush declared himself a god-king and stated that the Constitution didn't apply to him because he was a "Unitary Executive" -- no one batted an eye.<br />
<br />
Obama is trying to clean up BUSH'S mess and his critics are going insane.

we had one here in Michigan and I was there today.

Grits,<br />
Wow, I'm surprised that they were even able to see the truth.<br />
There is a new movement going on at a grassroots level. There were several tea parties held across the nation today. Several conservative groups supported it. Just google - tea party.<br />
<br />
I hope more journalists will see what is truth.