We Have the 2nd Liberal Writer to Jump Off the Obama Ship Today

Do you think this may become a trend?  This guy is a writer for The Economist  and the The Financial Times. 

You think maybe the effects of the kool-aid are wearing off for some?


March 02, 2009

'We get, they pay. Liberals never had it so good'

Mac Fuller
Clive Crook, chief economics commentator for The Economist and columnist for The Financial Times, had this to say about President Obama's newly proposed budget today: 

Barack Obama's first budget is a revelation. The US president's plans will not come to pass in the form he suggests. Congress writes the laws and will make a hash of it. Still, this first full statement of intentions speaks volumes, and leaves me in a paradoxical position. On one hand, I admire much of what the budget says. On the other, I feel I owe Republicans an apology.
As you recall, in the debate over the fiscal stimulus, Republicans accused the president of presenting a measure they could not support, disguising this with an empty show of co-operation. Bipartisanship, they said, is more than inviting your opponents round for coffee and a chat. I did not buy it: I accused them, in effect, of brainless rejectionism and a refusal to compromise, and congratulated the president for trying to come to terms with the other side.
This budget says the Republicans had Mr Obama right all along. The draft contains no trace of compromise. It makes no gesture, however small, however costless to its larger agenda, of a bipartisan approach to the great questions it addresses. It is a liberal's dream of a new New Deal. ...
Take this budget at face value, and when Mr Obama talks about "a new era of responsibility" he does not mean: "We are all in this together." He means: "The rich are responsible for this mess and it is payback time." Leftist Democrats are thrilled, and rightly so. The budget has three themes: healthcare reform, public investment and unflinching redistribution. This is indeed a new social contract: we get, they pay. Liberals never had it so good.
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7 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Why?<br />
SOME of those who 'served' did so by slicing open the phallus of a man in order to get a false confession to a 'link' between Saddam and AQ, the whole "just following orders' gag.<br />
What is there to regard in that?

mad...semper fi. I have the highest regard for those who have served this country.

madmax you have every right to disagree and I have no issue with the disagreement. I welcome comments that are different from mine. These differences are needed to get each of us thinking outside of our own beliefs. It is never wrong to open the lines of communication. But to be heard and your words to be given credit they need to be given in a way that encourages further communication and not mailice.

Funny, no one was screaming that people who criticized Bush were unAmerican - not that I was a Bush supporter - but to this day, even now that he's no longer in office, people get all worked up about Bush and that's just fine but no one better dare to criticize Obama? <br />
That's bullshit.

dub...are you serious? the loons went all out attack Bush and claiming they supported the troops. This new guy does not see us at war. He dropped the war on terrorism tag. Where are you from...Cuba.

I'd guess orien is like me. I support the president, but not his policys. You know, like the ones who said they support the troops, but not the war....

journeyman...I think you are on to something. Can I help?<br />
<br />
Mad...normally love your comments, but does resorting to name calling make for a strong arguement?