Things You Have to Love About Those Afflicted With Conservativism

The one truth of conservatives is...they will not stand and fight.

Seems one of you decided to lock a thread rather than admit that California, the most successful of the states, with the HIGHEST per capita income, is not a mess.

That's the coward's way though, to run from contrary views.

bitlord bitlord
41 Responses May 22, 2009

Seems to me you can't deal with the facts.<br />
There are no "Two truths".<br />
Women are people, and the 13th Amendment says what it says, THEREFORE: Abortion is a moral good and a Constitutional right.<br />
Fighting back keeps the liars and fools from having a soap box all to themselves.<br />
They already have one, It's called Faux News.

I lose what?? What the hell are you even talking about? Alright, I've come to the conclusion that you are a seriously disturbed person, so arguing with you is pointless. Just keep on advocating for murdering innocent humans in the name of choice, and I'll keep on defending's that sound? Also actually, I'm feeling pretty good because at the pregnancy center that I'm involved with, we saw 180 babies born this year who were supposed to ititially to be aborted...if it were only 1 that would be a victory, but 180 is amazing!! Soooooo, nice try bit, but I have lost nothing, I fight this on a grass roots level and win every day. Merry Christmas!!

Yet more lies choosedeathforwomen.<br />
RU486 has made abortion easier and more common.<br />
Sadly, the victims of indecision and religious pressure have been reduced, BY MURDER, to only 3 providers of late term abortion.<br />
But the good news?<br />
The ACS has agreed that the fallback position should the rightards, like you, reverse Roe V. Wade is to quote the 13th Amendment "there shall be no slavery nor INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE, save for crime wherein the party shall have been duly convicted" as the new attack.<br />
Being FORCED to serve the z/e/f is slavery.<br />
And so, you idiot, you lose.

Well, you have successfully proven that you are about as ignorant as they come, and can't even put a proper sentence together....but besides that....nothing. It's pretty sick and twisted to wish death on someone so you could see your demented progressive liberal agenda take off. Well, sorry but there are many restrictions on abortion and that is how it will stay. Oh, let me guess, you probably are in favor of a 13 year old getting an abortion and not even telling her parents who provide the very roof over her head....sick. Also, what the HELL does this have to do with the 13th Amendment?? I seriously pray that you don't have any children who you're passing your sick morals on to. You are supporting murder and are obviously to uneducated to see that, you're pathetic.

Oh that's rich.<br />
ALL medicine for the poor has to be subsidized, but YOU claim this means the abortion providers are going broke.<br />
STupid is your forte!!<br />
Why have the POOR able to exercise their constitutional rights choosedeathforwomen?<br />
Moron.<br />
Hey, guess what?<br />
Scalia has had 3 heart attacks, could drop dead tomorrow, making the Court 5-4 in favor of the 13th Amendment and ZERO Abortion restrictions.<br />
Anytime in the next 7 years baby!<br />
Get used to the idea now while you can!!

You havn't a clue as to what your talking about. Why the hell do you think they want tax payers to fund abortions? To "help" more women?? No, it's bcuz the industry itself is hurting. Their revenue is down and if they get more coverage, then the women who cannot afford to murder their own babies but want to, will be covered....hence, the abortion industry will get more $. our $.

Who said they want a bailout?<br />
There's no bailout proposed,only a ban on SELECTIVE funding of health care.<br />
All abortions are theraputic, for the woman.<br />
The abortion industry is doing great EXCEPT for the costs of dealing with you terrorists.

then why does pp waant a bailout? A medical abortion is NOT a theraputic abortion. They are two different things. The abortion industry is hurting right now because of the economy. Women can't afford to pay upfront to murder their own children as much....awwww poor babies. This is something that pp has been open about, they are $ hungry scumbags who are in DC hounding for tax payer funded abortions. You are pathetic in supporting this. Like I said, just another zombie who believes that abortion "helps" women. Its a lie and I will never buy it. I hope one day you snap out of it and think for yourself for once. Murdering human beings should not be an option because some girl "is not ready to be a parent". Probably should have refrained from doing what causes babies. Commonsense, hello....

Where? From the CDC, reporting on non-surgical theraputic abortions.<br />
RUNAWAY success!<br />

"arguments with idiots, idiots!".....where the hell are you getting your stats? Thriving?? Really?? You are obviously uneducated or just extremely guess is the latter.

Wrong as always ChooseDeathforWomen.<br />
The Abortion industry is THRIVING except for the effects of domestic terrorists like you and your 'godly' allies.<br />
But the good news is that the American people have had about enough of your Doctor shooter buddies and you can expect a visit from the Patriot Act enforcers.

Your a rock. The abortion industry IS going under which is why they are trying to get us (tax payers) to help out and pay them to kill some babies to put more food on their tables. What an honorable profession....the director who just resigned from pp admitted that when the economy started to tank, so did the # of abortions. They started pushing to get the #s up all the while they're claiming that they want to bring down the # of abortions....puhleeez.<br />
<br />
Look, abortion is out right murder and I should NOT have to fund that sick garbage. If a woman "chooses" to murder her child, she should have to pay for it.<br />
<br />
No, I don't know what the hell your little comment meant but judging by your other looks like it fits right in....about a 3rd grade level and anti God.... <br />
<br />
how creative....

Once more dimwit, YOU SAID, and I quote "ok then why is the abortion industry going under? "<br />
Since that statement is a lie, I suggest you rewrite the last two of your idiotic, self contradictory posts, and go hide in your prayer closet with the big plastic Jesus and hope that momma doesn't bring down the rain of stones on your head.<br />
Bet you don't even know what I'm talking about, do you?

Seriously, is there 1 brain wave present in your head? I mean really....let me type extra slow for you....<br />
<br />
I restated the question that YOU ASKED and then answered it.....<br />
<br />

AHEM!!! YOU said the Abortion industry was going under, dim.<br />
Could you possibly get more ridiculous than to contradict yourself ON THE SAME PAGE?

Who says it's going under? The pathetic pro death lobbiests in D.C. who are asking for a bailout. I'm sorry, but that is a fact....maybe you should research it a bit. As for tiller, don't categorize me, I am pro LIFE, I do not support killing someone as an answer to killing. He was a heartless murderer and would have faced his judgemment, revenge is not mine. Extortion and blackmail?? What the hell are you talking about? Operation Rescue works to close abortion mills who are practicing illegally. Many of them are putting these babies in dumpsters (illegal), where do you think some of these abortion pics come from? They have been successful at getting many dirty scummy killing organizations closed, not by murdering abortionists, simply by exposing them.<br />
<br />
Abortion is dangerous for the human being that is in the womb. I know about the statistics of abortion vs. childbirth. 300?? I wouldn't take it that far. Where did ya find that one, planned parenthood? Either way, should we all go out and murder our unborn children since there's less risk to us?<br />
<br />
Abortion is murder, there is absolutely no justification for it.

As for your claims that Abortion is dangerous, the NCDC did the statistics.<br />
Birth is more than 300 times more dangerous to women.

Who says it's going under choosedeathforwomen?<br />
Tiller was doing FINE until one of YOU murdered him in cold blood, and one of YOU at Operation "rescue" served as fingerwoman in handing out his intinerary and agenda for purposes of extortion and blackmail.<br />
In fact, abortion providers only real economic losses are due to the millions they have to spend for DEFENSE since the Police refuse to do their jobs.<br />
GIVE YOU A BREAK? You have none coming!!

ok then why is the abortion industry going under? Do they not profit from the scummy abortion pill?<br />
<br />
What are you even tallking about? Before abortion was legal, "dr.s" still performed them illegally. Yes, there were a few dimwits who attempted to self abort, but they suffered the consequence of it. It's so typical of a liberal like yourself to advocate for not owning up to ones responsibility. <br />
<br />
"Oh, poor woman, you tried to murder your own child, (whom you willingly took part in conceiving), and now your baby's arm is stuck in your womb.....poor dear, you may get an infection...God forbid your attempt to kill your own baby results in an infection for you."<br />
<br />
Give me a break with this wo is me crap.

How many women have to be crippled to satisfy you choosedeathforwomen?<br />
Hmm?<br />
330?<br />
That was last year's tally.<br />
Now you want to outlaw abortion.<br />
Figure 1000 per year thanks to backstreet butchers.<br />
Abortions are not rising BECAUSE RU-486 IS AVAILABLE TO ABORT WITHOUT SURGERY dolt!!

you really should put more thought into your comebacks, they are rather weak...atleast find enough brain activity to come up with your own words. Either way, you need to get used to the fact that the majority of America idenrifies themselves as prolife, not sexcrazed if it feels good do it dirty scummy hippies....the # of abortions continues to decrease which is why they are in Washington screaming for a bailout for their dirty are completely lost, its rather comical.

You hear wrong vinny, as always.<br />
Choosedeathforwomen, you are a brainwashed ZOMBIE in service to a woman killing bunch of psychotic sex haters.<br />
Get used to it!

Coward? I hear that you blocked the writer of that story so they blocked you in return.<br />
<br />
You are a bitter person that hurls insults so readily. Do you think that you can do this without inpunity?

I'm sorry but I don't listen to anybody, I LIVE HERE. I see what goes on. So please answer the question...why are we the most taxed(something that liberals SWEAR is the answer to everything) yet we are BROKE? Do you have any idea how many people are here illegally that WE front the bill for. This would never fly in Mexico. They would be roundin' our ***** up and dumping us over the border and shooting us if we tried to enter their country and live illegally again. These people are bleeding this state dry.<br />
<br />
I don't like Rush so much but I do believe in BORDERS, LANGUAGE, AND CULTURE....I'm not a member of anyone's team....can ya guess who I DO listen to??<br />
<br />
Now you probably really can't stand me....great....mission accomplished now go advocate for killing babies and using women as pawns in the bloody game that is abortion.<br />
<br />
Keep on standin' up for exploitation of women, that's really a step in the right direction.<br />
<br />
Sorry that I'm not brainwashed or a freakin' zomby that believes everything I'm told or fed by greedy people who sell killing your baby as a "choice" to profit off of it.

Nothing to do with it choosedeathforwomen.<br />
The reason CA is broke has to do with prisons, at 50,000 per prisoner, all doing long terms thanks to prop 208, the "three strikes" initiative, and with ENRON and the 12 billion the state had to pay for the games "Kenny boy" Friend of Bush Lay played, but above all, prop 13, that shifted most of the various county costs onto the state, which is fine with the counties and the Landlord's associations in boom times, UNLESS GOV. MUSCLEHEAD repeals the end of a temporary tax break in the middle of a recession!<br />
<br />
BTW, Florida is even more broke as a percentage of state domestic product, and NO ONE calls Florida liberal.<br /> <br />
Charlie Crist played the Gov. Musclehead games too. Same result.<br />
So what does that tell ya?<br />
That you're an idiot who listens to Rush, maybe?

you forgot to mention the millions of illegals who are here, someone has to pay for them. There are many reasons as to why CA is broke. It is the most liberal state and the one most in the hole financially....what does that tell ya?

And why is CA broke?<br />
Because Gov. Musclehead said "Let's borrow 14 billion, and use that to pay off the 2 billion we are in the hole thanks to Prop 13."<br />
It failed of course.

Are you smoking crack? Seriously, because CALIFORNIA IS BROKE. We are taxed to the high heaven, yet we are BROKE. So where are our tax dollars going? Oh yeah, 52 million went to pay for abortions, now theres a good cause. It is so true, liberalism is a serious mental need help.

I love your avatar.

Like most stupid people, the solution of the rightard to a world filled with uncomfortable facts is to retreat into a world of comfortable lies.<br />
Thus the truth becomes merely a 'point of view' rather than a piece of historical record, like the fools who claimed that Bill Clinton orchestrated the attack on Waco, which began in OCTOBER of 1992, a full month before the election and 3 months before Bill Clinton was President.<br />
But the truth isn't desired, so lies are substituted.<br />
And they have Sciafe's money to feed them what they need.

bitLord - I can completely understand your frustration. If it helps, the people in this groups are grossly uneducated...too much Fox news, Bill O'Reilly, HuckaBee, and that other horrible idiot of fox but I forget his name. Instead of these people actually looking up the information for themselves, they just believe what the media spoon feeds them; pathetic really.

Wrong again forme, the advertising and lies needed to pass Prop 13 was PAID for by the Los Angeles Realtors Association, who profited some 3.2 BILLION over the last 12 years, and bankrupted the state.<br />
CA is a mess because MONEY is allowed to speak.<br />
Scalia is wrong, Money is not SPeech, SPEECH is speech.

bitlord, lets just say for debate, that prop 13 is the reason for CA bankrupt.<br />
<br />
Prop 13 was voted on by the people, (liberals), so are you saying the ****** themselves? Did Reagan force them to vote on it?<br />
<br />
And also, in the original story, you seem to be saying that CA is not a mess. But now your latest comments seem to indicate that you agree CA is bankrupt. Even saying why.<br />
<br />
So, which is it? Is CA a mess or not?<br />
<br />
It's pretty hard to debate, when you move around so much. Stick to an opinion one way or the other. That way its easier to make you look foolish, one way or the other. lmao

Oh come on. Illegals are killing that state. You know it, and I know it.<br />
<br />
prop 13. lmao

Forme, CA is only bankrupt due to Prop 13, even Scharznegger has admitted it. Just as Bush's tax cuts for the rich created 82% of the 5 TRILLION extra debt he made, so more and more states are going broke taking care of the wealthy.

bitlord, it's amazing that you post stuff like this.<br />
<br />
CA is bankrupt.<br />
<br />
Having the highest income per capita? What does that mean? So, there are a lot of rich people there. How is the CA govt doing?<br />
<br />
I'll go ahead and fill you in on why CA is bankrupt. The state is run by liberals.<br />
<br />
Why do you do this to yourself?

bitlord, this is unreal.<br />
<br />
We agree on three things.<br />
<br />
I noticed you are a member of the groups:<br />
<br />
I believe liberalism is a mental illness.<br />
I believe obama is dangerous for this country.<br />
I Think Obama Will Be An Incompetent President.<br />
<br />
I never thought we would agree on anything.<br />
<br />
I guess I was wrong.

So, what, your proof that I 'spew leftish bullsh-t' is that the REPUBLICAN governor is threatening to shut down government?<br />
Time to grow up dim.<br />
The direct analysis is that Prop 13, created to push Raygun into the Presidency, is the cause of the disaster, by underfunding all the cities and counties, which the state has been obliged to make up, leaving no money for the Dukmajian and then Schwarznegger tax cuts.

Oh, Lagenomai, are you now claiming that you are free to make claims contrary to the record, because those who record "have their own agenda"?<br />
That is to say, reality is whatever YOU claim it is, based on a mythical bias you claim exists?<br />
That is called a "laughed off the debate floor" argument.

And so far, you have failed to stand up to fight.<br />
Just another empty claim that the 'pendulum' will make it O.K.

Wrong perseus.<br />
I just won't let a liar off the hook, when actual evidence exists.<br />
Now, if you have a problem with DISCUSSION and DEBATE, why not do all your posting on Freerepublic, where ONLY conservatives may speak?<br />
<br />
Lagenomai, if you have the evidence, bring it on.<br />
If you can't stand facing the evidence, admit you are wrong.<br />
That is what I do.

it seems to me that u cant deal with someone else having an oposing idea and it working for them. appearently, u've had a lot of good luck with argueing to get get ur point across. fighting doesnt do anything but cause more fighting. break the habbit, think like a country, not like a state. show your example instead of forcing it.... just a thought