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Employee Free Choice Act rules out secret ballots

March 3, 2009 | Jerry McConnell

Only the deaf, blind and liberals have failed to see the greatest roadblock to a more favorable financial climate and economical status of our automotive producing industry.  There can be no question that the obscenely high wages paid to the heavily unionized auto workers have been the downfall of all American automakers.

Proof of this problem can be found when comparing U. S. auto workers wages employed in U. S. auto factories to those employed in foreign auto producing plants.  The difference between the two groups is stunningly over-balanced in the U. S. workers’ favor.  It is also the primary reason why foreign auto sales have declined significantly less percentage-wise than their American counterparts.

If a survey was taken over a wider spectrum of manufacturing entities that have U. S. union workers in comparison to non-union workers it would most likely show similar results.  The pure and simple truth is that U. S. unionized labor forces readily admit to drawing as much as 30 percent more in pay.  Non unionized manufacturing companies can produce a product similar, and in many cases, superior to the union controlled shops.

But now, in a period of free-falling economy times, with many manufacturers having to curtail or even shut down operations due to an inability to prevent huge losses, again, principally due to excessive union wages, we see that the unions are not satisfied with the excessive pay rates that they have bludgeoned manufacturers with, but are trying to get even more unfair and un-American leverage for their workers.

The union leaders are trying to get an almost comically misnamed piece of legislation passed by our liberal Democrat, union dues money elected Congress.  It is called Employee Free Choice Act, (EFCA) and the first noticeable thing about is that it removes any ‘free choice’ a worker might have to decide whether to form a union or not.

Currently, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) and the Labor Department, operate union decision making on a secret ballot officially supervised by the NLRB and on a specific date and time.  Just as you and I go to our town, state or national elections and vote on a secret ballot out of sight of prying eyes, so can an American worker do the same thing with a vote on whether to unionize the workplace or not.

Strangely, but then not really, when considering the source, the labor union strong-arm bosses think that the secret ballot provision that operates efficiently now, is stacked against the workers.  Honest.  That’s what they claim.  Can you believe it?  It’s true.  Those bosses have seen their power and strength in numbers decline since the secret ballot was passed into law over two decades ago.

They now want Congress to make a pay-back for all of the members’ dues monies that were donated for their elections and reelections.  They have produced this blatantly misleading proposal for Congressional approval, (Obama has signaled approval as his donation) called Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) which will allow the union bosses to have workers sign a card indicating the worker’s choice of whether to join a union or not.

These union bosses are very seriously (in public at least) offering that as a ‘free choice’ even though they will be standing right there watching the worker make his choice (and it better be the right one) and the card will not be dated.  This latter action guarantees that even if they don’t get enough votes the first time, they will still have those undated cards available when they come around a second time, or third or fourth or until they get enough cards for a majority.

This is their version of ‘free choice’; a bald-faced attempt to strong-arm the election their way to keep them in power and exorbitantly high salaries.

As you might suspect, just about every liberal Democrat in Congress and now the White House too, has received donations (over $100 million in this last election) so the pressure is on them from the union bosses.  An article in the American Legion magazine for March 2009 by Keith Ellison, (D-MN) not surprisingly comes out in strong support of this ridiculous piece of legislation saying that opponents are stressing that it takes away the right to a secret ballot, which in Ellison’s words is false.

Ellison goes on to say that “workers are still free to choose an NLRB election” but “this legislation simply gives workers another option when expressing their preference to be represented by a union.” But that so-called “option” is already included in the secret ballot voting on whether or not to be represented by a union.  So Ellison is just blowing smoke to, as all liberals do, obfuscate and confuse.

Every American would be better served if this piece of comic opera goes down in flames.  Encourage your Congressmen and Senators to vote against EFCA keeping the honest secret ballot in place.

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High Tarrifs, Cap and Trade, and Free Trade work to our detriment.<br />
<br />
Better taxation policy by the Federal government is the answer. The best i've seen is the FairTax, as it address the symptomatic problems. Not perfect but better than the others.

What this country needs is for the power to be placed back in the hands of The People, and only by standing ALL together can that be done, political affiliation be damned.

i did hear that guytar1969. Of course nothing will come of it. Just salvos across each others bows to take the reporting off really important issues.

Ditto Josie! Mega Ditto and btw, did you hear Rush challenged Pres Obama to a debate on his show Wednesday?

True Josie.... very true.

Remember President bush said the same in 2000. That got us compassionate conservatism. When what we needed was a conservative at the helm.

They sure know how to name their policy's. Employee FREE CHOICE act. That actually takes rights away from them....

Remember...they won the election...they can write the law..or do whatever they want...lol.

There is a set of rules for them ... and another set of rules for every body else!

What gets me is that the dems what to take away the right to a secret ballot for the american people, but yet the voted by secret ballot to decide the fate of Joe Lieberman after the election. I guess they were afraid of Pelosi, and they didn't want her to know how they voted. BUT, they don't want the american worker to have that same right. I don't get it....

the unions want the whole country to be a Detriot. We see what they have done there no reason to think they can't do just as well in the whole country in all industries. <br />
<br />
It will give them more money to control who ever they endorse in politics to get what they want done.