I Believe In Extraterrestrial Life Forms

All my life, I have had a huge passion for astronomy and physics, and I have always wondered if there is such thing as extraterrestrial life. We came from the universe, we live in the universe, and everything that we are made of, has come from the universe. Think about it, if we come from the universe, the same stuff like bacteria, stardust and atoms/particles that made us, must be out there, creating evolution of life, another life. Our search for extraterrestrial life might never be completed, unless we look in the right places, but chances are, the life is too far away. Bacteria has been known to adapt to in even the harshest environments, so life could live on Jupiter's moon Europa (which is an icy moon) because bacteria has been found living in icy conditions before by scientists. Life can exist in all sorts of places and environments, so how can it just be our Earth? The Earth itself is in space, we are in space, and everything came from space, so there must be life out there that might be in our reach, but also might not be.
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May 10, 2012