A Ufo ???

Back in 1966 while off the coast of Nam I believe I saw a UFO. It was a clear night and we could see a million stars out, we were walking across the flight deck and I noticed a light in the stars moving. This spot of light looked like a star except it was moving across the sky then it made a 90 degree turn straight up for a few seconds then another 90 degree turn to the left. It moved across the sky for a mniute or two then did another 90 degree straight up for several seconds before moving very fast away from earth and disappeared into space. I cannot say for sure what it was but I know that in 1966 no aircraft made 90 degree turns and disappeared into space. Personally I believe it was a UFO, there are beings out there and anything is possible.
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I had the same experience when I was in 3rd grade. I was looking up at the stars and saw the same thing except it was bl<x>inking and going west to east.