At The End Of The Road

In the end 99% of us end up the same place; either buried in the ground or incinerated and entombed elsewhere.  What sets us apart is how we get there.  Life is a collection of experiences, it's about what we do and who we are because we're all going the same place.
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After realizing my life's worst experience was actually my best teacher [so far], I know for sure that "life" is not only us living here on earth, and "death", as we call it, is merely a transition... into more life. I believe how we choose to live and embrace our lives has great impact on where we extend ourselves and how we continue to live our lives later.

Exactly. Our eternal life is how we are remember by others, and so that is arguably the most important effect we can have while here. <br />
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We have to enjoy it and help others to do the same while we can!

And who we touch along the way.

Right, and our experiences, adventures because we are alive:)!!

That's precisely my point, we ARE above ground now and so now's our time to give and be who we want to be remembered as. Life is about the path, the time we spend above ground and the difference we make.