Its Like

when you work hard for something...say a job, or to make someone fall in love with you, or to ace that test, and you achieve your goal, your ecstatic. But thats only because all your effort paid off.All those hardships ended up being worth it.Your journey ended at someplace amazing. Imagine if everything was just given to you and you didnt have to work for anything? nothing would have value to you because you didnt earn anything.You didnt go anywhere or do anything.You didnt go on a journey, you just got instantly beamed at your location.You didnt get to enjoy the scenery out the window as you passed by.
I think that applys to life too. The end result only matters and you only remember it because of the journey you took to get there!
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I think you got it in one.

Destination Death - so the journey has to be more preferable

Yeah that would be pretty boring eh? You are very wise