In all the moments of all times, some visits come unannounced, some ideas set sail and drift by on currents of blue. However when sails are burned and the vessel permits itself to be carried, strokes of blue will let it go wherever it must be. The sheer lack of purpose in both our lives and actions is never so purely visible as in our inaction. It is in these moments we show our true blues and shades of gray. Why must we burden ourselves so with navigation and control, even being aware of the whim of the ocean we can no truly let go. The obstacle is ourselves in both problem and solution, no matter how many we tackle there will always be more, riding on winds of survival pushed onward evermore.
But what if...

What if the crew was insane and beyond all forms of logic, order and control. What would life be on such currents? And how would one experience or differentiate from his past? Would that in itself be needed and what of its impact?

What if the captain was bent on his final voyage and simply let go of all forms of control? What if he ignored the safety of his/her crew and ship and self? What if the captain even ignored the current and final destination never expecting progress or arrival? Would such a life be more just? Less absurd? More fair?
And how would one know? Would one need to know to understand and to experience?

What if the crew were frozen in such whimsy for all eternity, which would have an affect? The knowledge of time and destination or the idea of the risk of losing it and being cast f in eternity. Would knowing an eternal fate not then soothe the mind and lift the burden of the illusion of control? Would it not be better to know ones time and place of death? His/Her lack of purpose and continuity in life, but his/her eternity in the universe?

And one question just for myself......
  -How do I let go of control, or does that defeat the purpose?
DreamingTaoTiger DreamingTaoTiger
31-35, M
Jan 12, 2013