She Just Left For Home And I Won't See Her Again For A Year..

I am not someone who believes in the 'one true love'. I don't believe in soul mates or anything like that. If you would have asked me before I met her I would have scoffed at the idea of a long distance relationship. I'm sure it has worked, but very rarely and definitely not for me.

We met on an online pen pal site. It started as just friends and neither of us ever imagined anything more nor would we have wanted it: A relationship with a stranger 13,000km away.. Eventually though I started to have feelings for her. After several months they came out and she did some soul searching and found she liked me too.

So then we were in a bit of a tricky situation. Can relationships across oceans work? We've never even met, what if it's different in real life? We planned on back packing together in about 1.5 years.. but what about after that? Who moves where? Do we uproot our life for the other person?

Well our feelings grew and grew despite our logical rejection for them. In August she realized that she'd have enough money to visit me and still go back packing later on. She booked tickets for December 12 (we met on the 14th a year earlier!). She came and it was amazing. It was way better than I even thought it'd be! It all felt so... natural! Like we were a newly married couple or something. I live with my sister and after she'd been there a week my sister thought it'd been a month. My sister said she thought that because it was so natural, like she was part of the family.

We visited my dad who lives about 4.5 hours north of us for Christmas and they all LOVED her. So did all of my friends.

She just left on the plane and it's terrible. I feel so awful, so many mixed emotions! And she feels bad and has very negative prospects for this next year. She is having a real difficult time believing that we will be able to last a whole other year.

I have full confidence that we will but it's going to be one heck of a ride..
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Awwwww so nice

I began a couple of overseas pen-pal friendships with 2 women who live in Thailand. Eventually I came to Thailand to live, and moved in with one of the ladies. We lived together as a couple for 22 months but it eventually fell apart.<br />
<br />
I remained friends with the other lady. She met and married another American guy (she's 55 and he's 70) and became his friend as well. Now I am single, and sharing a house with these 2 friends. My love for my friends is platonic, but obviously more real than the love I had for the first woman. I've been in Thailand for 2 1/2 years now and I have no plans to go back to America.

you,i believe can still hold on to her,no matter the oceans there is only one you and there is only one her.

Hello my friend...i couldnt help posting you a message...<br />
My boyfriend just left today, he lives in london i love in argentina... we also met on the internet 10 months ago....i went to meet him on july last year, and he came to spend christmas with me...<br />
I know that terrible feelin when you saw her leaving...and going back to the house, wher eu shared so many memories together.<br />
What i dont understand is why cant either of you save money to visit again later this year? why do u have to wait a whole year i know tickets are expensive, but work for it!! i've been working double to get money and visit him on may...because, 2 or 3 months and maybe four can be handled when u are away from eachother, but a year? thats a lot...<br />
I think u need to be completely honest, start making plans, do new things work harder....whats on the future? cause u love eachother and u are a couple...and this situation needs to have a north.<br />
I wish u the very best, and in conclusion my advise is do whatver it takes to meet her before the year...cause honestly is a very long time, love is also built with expiriences u'll have to live together<br />
good luck