Phone Call!

I got my first phone call from my boy last wednesday! I was at work when he called and so I obviously missed his call the first time around but luckily they all had 30 minutes to talk so i got to talk to him for about 15 minutes at work :) It made me feel on top of the world. Just simply hearing his voice made me feel like he really isn't that far away. And it might've been super cliche but we both cried alittle by how happy we were haha. Personally I thought it was cute. His mom tells me that I should be getting another call sometime between 3 and 4 tomorrow! I'm hoping that is true. I've already planned my lunch break at work around those times haha. Hopefully his division does everything well this week so that they get the chance to call home because I guess if someone messes up then they miss out this week :/ I guess I will just have to wait and see. 
kmccabe4 kmccabe4
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1 Response Jun 28, 2011

OMG!!! im happy for you:) and i got a phone call from him too today!! but i was in panic!!!lol and he said he needs to call his mom so, it was super short phone call ever.... i wanted to tell him about more stuff but i couldnt...... i feel so stupid.,.,, D; but yeah i felt that same way! i feel like he isn't that far away and we could hang out soon!! so im happy but wired feeling!!haha hope our bf will call us soon:):)

aww good im glad you got to talk to your boy too :) it honestly puts you a little more at ease ya know?