Long Distance Relationships Suck.

No one can ever prepare you for how much it hurts to not being able to see or touch the person you love. Having them leave you at the airport for an 11 hour flight, unsure when you'll be able to see them again. It eats away at you. But if you can survive through that hardship, it's more than worth it. The 3 years of torment, I'd go through it all again if I had to for her again. But lets hope that never happens. Never thought I'd be living in Belgium. But I've been here for almost a year and a half now. I've never once regretted it. I love her, and there nothing else that needs to be said.
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My fiance long distance broke off our engagement after being together a year total, when we only had 6 more months to go being separated and then could finally rearrange to be living together and really start our life and future plans we made. He went from crying and saying hes upset about the separation that we now had to endure again after spending 3 months together non stop living together and then the next day he gets back he does a 180 and says i cant do this anymore it is too hard and says he still loves me but just wants to focus on what he has to do there and its to complex but still loves me.. ITS LIKE I WAS talking to a completely different person then the night before when he said how depressed he felt when it was our first nite of separation and was crying and next day got cold and seemed content with his decision. how can someone just ignore you and get on with their life if they truly cared and forget about everything u shared and your future plans? I have no control over this situation,done everything I could he knows how upset he has made me and doesn't seem to care i have tried a days worth of contact and refuse to call or text anymore because you cant force someone to talk to you when their mind seems to be made up. not to mention we are oceans part..i feel helpless and hopeless i know this wouldn't be happening if we were with each other in same country...what we had was real how can someone shut off their feelings from one night to the next day ...Im dying inside...cant eat sleep and wont ever be the same without this person... i need a prayer and god at this point a second longer of this pain or a day or months of no contact hurts my soul and i cant imagine life without this person again.. is he serious and gonna try sticking to this by forcing himself to be strong even thought he loves me to stay away? will he come around eventually?.Or should I accept no matter how hard it is and take his word for it it is the end..... Help....my soul feels like its being ripped into pieces. Say a prayer for me and that they come to their senses because the pain is unbearable wouldn't wish it on anyone .So lost and broken

When I was first dating my girlfriend, we dated for a couple months, and then she told me that she couldn't handle it anymore. It was too hard on her and she needed to delete me out of her life for good. After that I tried to get a hold of her any way possible. Nothing worked. After a month I decide to give up. I logged onto skype and wrote a really long letter to her, saying goodbye. Right before I was about to log off she logged on and instantly started apologizing to me, even before she realized I wrote her a long letter. We had a talk and decided that it was too hard to keep dating. But we stayed really good friends for about a year. And as soon as she came to visit me, we knew we couldn't just be friends anymore. It's hard to constantly talk to the person you love, knowing they are just as lonely as you are. Plus you have all those other feelings. It can just get depressing. You need to get out of the house, hang with some friends, go shopping. He may come around. But if you've been at home sobbing the entire time, then he's going to come back to a very sad girl. And you want to be happy with him right? But trust me, he still loves you and hasn't forgotten about you at all. Just sometimes the pain is too much to deal with. And 6 months is a really long time to be a part from each other. I'm sorry you have to go through that too. Not knowing is a horrible feeling, but you can't just sit and wait. Make sure you take care of your needs. And I hope he comes back to you. *hugs*

Thanks for your story and support. I hope he does too :(

I want mine to have such a happy ending. :)

aww this is so cute!!