How I Believe A Long Distance Relationship Brought Us Together Forever

When I first met my husband I never knew we would someday get married let alone even see eachother again. Its a long process on how we even became a couple because I would never give him the time or the day. Well anyways lets just say with his persistance for four months finally wore me down and I finally gave in to him. We were only together for about two days and I was gone on a plane to Texas. I had been planning on moving for about two weeks because I was not happy with my life in Florida and wanted a change. My Aunt finally said I could move in with her and I was gone in a blink of an eye. The second day we were finally a official couple we were in my bedroom packing my clothes in a suitcase. I remember how shocked and confused he was. For months he had worked so hard to get me to be his girlfriend and I was just up and leaving very unemotional and cold-hearted. I remember not caring and found nothing of our relationship of any significance or importance. (I was very unattached and uncaring in those days about everything because I was afraid of opening up and getting hurt because of my childhood and my father just recently left me for prison.) Anyways I remember him saying that we would still be together and proposing the idea of a long-distance relationship. I remember just stoping in awe and thinking to myself "Why would any young man would want that? That is the most craziest thing ever! I won't have anything to offer him - he is a male he needs sex. I guess I will selfishly say yes I can use the comfort of talking to someone and I know I will cheat on him anyways like everyother guy I dated." (Remember I was young, dumb, and hurt. I never let anyone close to me and lived life as a joked and masked all emotions. I am no longer like this and far from that selfish person.) So I said yes and went along my way with selfish and cruel intentions. This man called me everyday and was so kind, pure, honest, and spoke only with love. Everytime we got off the phone he would say I love you and I would never return it because I belived not to say that only if you truly meant it. One day he said I love you and I was just so shocked and overwhelmed with this amazing feeling that he still continued on with this love and passion towards me after nothing in return from me. I was just so amazed about his character and looked up to him. I finally said "I think I love you too..." From then I on I fell madly in love with him and gave him everything I could. He changed me for the better only by giving me love. I turned out to be an amazing person and opened up. I never did cheat on him and treated him with respect, loyalty, compassion, trusting, and so much more. We had a long distance realationship for about 7 months by only talking on a house phone. I finally returned home to Florida for him and surprised him. That was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. We continued our relationship and now we have been together for five years and married for a year and half! I don't think we would have stayed together if it wasn't for all those conversations for hours on a simple house phone in a long-distance relationship. It made us closer, it made us get to know eachother, and it made me a changed person from being selfish to being unconditonal and always giving. I Thank God and I thank this man.
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I too am in South Florida. In fall of 1999 I met a friend on the internet. We shared a music room and were in constant communication.<br />
Oh, I was careful. Didn't give him my phone number I had heard all the horrors. yet we both were falling deep and fast. <br />
By 2002 we realized we had to see if this was going to be as great face 2 face and began to make plans to meet. I booked a hotel room on the beach. HE was to pay the car rental and we'd share the food expense. <br />
There was no shyness. It was our honeymoon we never will forget.<br />
For 3 more years we visited back and forth. <br />
With my mother being in a nursing home I told him I could NEVER leave her. <br />
He too had a sister with terminal cancer and explained he told his family he'd be moving to Florida as soon as Lise passed. <br />
HE came his car packed to the gills bringing from Montreal his life. We began the Immigration process. And in 2002 we married.<br />
He gave up everything for me. I am ever grateful I have found love, even so late in my life.