Make Long Distance Short With Your Bridges Of Communications

Distance is nothing when you give your full commitment to communicate constantly in any way possible. Technology makes life easier and brings people closer. Although, nothing can beat the power of physical touch however, there is nothing stronger than one true love committed with all their heart, mind and spirit to make impossible things possible. So, to all of you out there who has long distance love affair - COMMIT YOURSELF TO BUILD ALL POSSIBLE BRIDGES TO MAKE LONG DISTANCE SHORT AND THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN'T MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WORK.
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I loved this post, it really gave me hope :) I'm in Canada and my boyfriend of two years moved to Indiana :( It's super hard sometimes but things like this help me. Thank you :)

long distance........... staying behind the computer the whole day to chat with your loved one, looking at your phone the whole time. and losing touch with people around you in hope and faith that you'll see him/her. My question, is that love or desperation?

The question is if that is a choice of one person only and not both parties's discretion. Reality is either of the couple has something else to do such as working for a living. Despite love is in the air, both parties should live their normal lives without affecting each other negatively. I believe that a person's life is healthy if he or she is able to maintain good balance in everything he or she does. Love is not putting oneself unbalance just for the other and vice versa. Love is growing together better as one in harmony without allowing the other to be left behind. That is just my opinion. :)

wow... I admire your view, I truly do. I only wish life and love were that well difined

Thank you. I believe that's what lasting kind of love is all about which is very rare to find nowadays. We all know that life is a choice whether simply to be happy or to be sad. Make your choice wisely by asking the father heaven for his divine intervention :) have a blessed day

Very positive and accurate spin on a very challenging subject. That you for your story and post.

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Like very much :)

Thanks :)