I Love You

okay well me and my gf have been dating about a year. im so happy with her she means everything to me and i love her alot i couldnt ask for anyone better, she is my one and only. we used to spend everyday together, untill this one thing happend i dont really want too say what it was, hopefully she will be back home soon i know i wont give up no matter how long it takes ill be right here waitin, i cant wait too see her again it sucks that the only thing we can do is text or skype or call, but its better then not being able too talk at all! even though she isent like really far away it still feels like it because im used to ibeing by her side 24/7 i would do anything to spend one more day with her. everyday i wake up feeling like i wanna cry bc she isent next to me, i just think of the good things even though sometimes i end up breaking down crying. i just think of how lucky i am to call her mine and that i got to spend all that time with her and have fun, i know things are gonna be hard and they have been but we both just have to keep our heads up and smile and be here for eachother and know that we are always in eachothers hearts and no one can ever take ur place i dont care who it is. ur always gonna be my number one till the day i die..i know its only been a year but im lookin fwd to many more. the way she makes me feel is unexplainable idk what i would do without her she complets me <33
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very nice as in i love da story relate much!

not at all times!