It's A Beautiful Thing.

I believe long distance relationship works under a couple of conditions: Both parties are willing to commit, be faithful/strong, and most of all be patient with time. Many people don't believe in long distance due to the fact that you're not able to see your other half everyday, you're not able to "go out" or share hugs and kisses with each other. It is all true, yes, but I think long distance relationships has a more special look on love.
It test you to see if you can stay faithful to one person, specifically, while you're pressured locally by local males/females. It's easy to get yourself caught up in some "dirty" schemes that you think will be harmless to your relationship due to the fact your other half doesnt live anywhere near you. It does though, it will come back to you. Maybe not that second or that day or that month.. But it will eventually start to show. It will show in your personality, your facial expressions, and just how you act in general.
Long distance makes you broaden your wings... You reach out more. You become familiar with different locations and cultural differences [possibly]. You take risks, you take chances, and you go for it.
Local people start to get old. You start to get use to them and thats how rumors start.
Even living in a huge city myself, people start to get old fast. Trends start showing and you want something different. You want change.
Long distance is a very hard thing to do, I'm not going to lie. You have to 100% fully trust your other half because you don't know what their doing when their not webcam with you.. You honestly don't know what their doing when their texting or calling you... Trust is key in a long distance relationship.
Long distance relationships is a beautiful thing to engage in. They do work, but nothing is ever perfect. You might run into a dead end with it or you'll run into the never ending field of possibilities. You just gotta take that risk....
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Thanks needed that

Yes Distance Makes the Heart grow fonder. My love and I are head over heels over each other and we are 1000 miles apart. I seen him on christmas. It totally depends on the people if they want to make it work

Yes it can work if you trust your partners a 100% I believe that long distance relationships can work and its beautiful

You're right about all of this. I used to believe that long-distance could never work, but I've seen strong evidence with some of my close friends that they really can work under those conditions you mentioned, and that changed my view. It really is a beautiful thing, and very touching. If any two people think they can meet these conditions, I would encourage them to go for it.