I am currently in a so called long sistance reletiinship, met through a friend who is aslo in a long distance reletionship, so im with her friends friend haha but , at first he seemed to like me, we talked almost everyday and get along great after we start to date and get a lil more Into the reletionship, he just seems distant, I ask to call him he says yes but either has plans or mysterious ly fprgets and I get mad at him for that and makes me feel like im not number one more like number 2 who always has to fight to get his attention, now after he got groundedonce and after tht he has only messaged me once a week for the past few weeks I called him out on his BS becuz he says tht he has been working alot and has strict parents, but even if he is busy he could still make time to message me and atleast put in some effort to atleast ahow he cares but he has done none of tht im the one who feels like i put more into the reletionship more than him so idk, I want it to work and want to plan on seeing him but I know the long distance reletionships do take alot of work and patience and trust and im willing to do tht but he doesn't seem to want it as much as I do. So idk? And he can tweet but not message me ???
Advice maybe?
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Do catfish

Haha ooo yaa but think I have to be 18 for tht xD

Idk I would still email them