If you have trust, you'll accomplish it..
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Long distance relationships are hard and take more openness but they certainly can be great. It takes better communication too. Plenty of video chats over Skype help and physical visits. Also the realization like the out of sight out of mind thing that it is much easier to let things happen and its harder to know the mind of the other person. Its also harder to meet the needs of the other person. Which means things can happen and sometimes that may mean understanding and forgiveness are much more necessary in long distance relationships. Maybe just have a long distance relationship if the person is an introvert.

but still there is a saying.. "Out of sight is out of mind" and it happens :(

My guy is never like that, we help each other with our businesses, chat seriously and total non sense and anything else. He flew over when my ex smashed my workshop up. We maybe out of sight but never mind.

It can but do need to be able to meet in real life as well. I'm in one and feel great