My boyfriend is going off to college soon, and he is working currently. I just hate how we never see each other, and sometimes I feel like he doesn't want to spend more time with me? We do live about 45 minutes apart, but we've been together 2 years, and that's never really been a problem till now.
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I live 10 hours away from my girlfriend. Just cause you can't see him often doesn't mean he doesn't care. Respect his aspirations.

They can work, if both parties are putting in the effort to make it work, just like a relationship where you're always seeing one another. 45 Minutes isn't too bad, but you're experiencing why the majority thinks long distance relationships don't work. You could be over thinking it, but I don't know y'all personally, so I can't be precisely definitive.

I know the feeling, I'm going through the exact thing. Two years together, 30 minutes away from each other. He's going to college, currently working.
I think he wants too spend more time, but he's too worried he can't support the both of you. So he's more focused on school and work.

sadly, long distance relationships never last. I'm talking from experience, but you never know the outcome of other people's experiences. Put everything you can into your relationship in order to be happy with him. If it's a one sided deal, then it just wasn't meant to be.