The Final Destination ...

After a whole year of separation .. 6000 miles between I and him .. I wouldn't say that distance means nothing to the heart since its actually quite hard to go through .. It takes alot of patience and trust and love .. even faith in your significant other .. The most important in LDR is a "goal" .. You gotta have a goal .. when is the damn separation gonna be over .. and that would be the origin of your power .. to maintain this love .. I and my lover meet once in every 2 months due to the ******' long distance and time differences . But now it's over .. We dont have to seperate any more because we are married now .. This is definitely one of many prooves that LDR works !.

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feels so good to read abt happy endings....even we were going to get married nd settle in our apartmnt by this things got postponed by a more year of this kind of separation sucks...i hav lost all the strength to times i feel like i need anti depressants...

i cant wait to get married with my LDR bf!! lol.

One of the good things about a long distance relationship is having something to look forward to. Also, have more good times when you are together, fight less, and think about good memories more when apart.

Believe in the power of love, yourself, and your lover. All these things will lead you the way :)

I'm so happy to hear your sucessful story and it does give me hope that our outcome will be sucessful also. Thanks for sharing!

Of course it's not easy and nobody can guarantee that it will work. Just like the old saying 'out of side out of mind'. It's really just a matter of trust. I'm sorry to hear that it didnt work with you but glad to hear that you could still go on and start the new life.

I was in a long distance relationship once. It ended when she finally admitted she was in love with someone else.. I vowed never to do it again. Not to say it can't work. I know it can, just not my cup of tea anymore. If it feels good do it.

WHy should I start my new life when we're already happy together? I don't really get your point of view. It's like you have gold in your hand and you want to change it for a stone ... No offense just curious ...

YAY ! I know .. but marriage life aint so EASY ! lol

Do tell? How is it any different if you two were still dating? Ya'll share the same responsibilities right? :)

I am really glad for you both :) You two have great strength within you and I do hope it continues on throughout the rest of your lives :D Be Happy!


Best Wishes!

I really hope that LDR work out for you all. I understand completely how it feels ! <br />
Best wishes ~

well... I have a LDR as well... but we are in different countries... I wish it was that easy to just go over there but I'm in the Navy so im trying to plan out the leave I will take to go see her in the other country she's in... I'm planning for it this September... hope I can see her and be with her... I want to hold her and kiss her soo much......... ANYWAYYYYSSSSS.... I'm glad you guys got married and I'm hoping the same with me and my LDR... and actually.... she's older then me too.... she's 32 turning 33 and I'm 20 turning 21 next year... but I still love her with all my heart.... and we've been dating for nearly 2 years now...

Thank you for this :) i love love stories that come true, I’m dating a United States sailor, it’s hard. First it was basic, and that was 2 months of letters that come maybe twice a week. now it’s Schooling which is 22 months of 2 am skype sessions, then its 4 years of 3 months here and 3 months on a submarine, its hard with the time difference everyone thinks I’m crazy for waking up at 2 am (5 AM his time) just to talk to him for twenty minutes till he has to go to class but all this crap will finally be worth it when we can have our future, that little house with the white picket fence and the sheep dog.

I wish all the best for you but after reading your story, I must say that I dont think this guy is worth crying for. For what he has done to you .. Im not sure how old you are but Im sure one day you'll find out that God is so kind that he cheated you before you to start to get more intense, otherwise, it would be real hard for you.

yes that's true dolly

Me nd my hubbi met in 2008 here in brooklyn we fell in luv quick .. we were the greatest couple until he cheated on me wit sum next shorty and got her pregnant. i was so hurt nd devistated. i moved on, got into a new relationship but since we lived around the same area i saw him often.. It was my b day i was lookin fly rockin the outfit my " bf at the time" bought me and me and him met up at a friends house' coincidenct '.. so he told my he had a warrant after him for sum robbery his homies did he was gonna do the time he was told ( 3 months ) then wen he come out he wanted us to start off fresh and he would change blah blah blah .. nd i agreed. 3 months later i found out he was being moved frum state to state to different deportation camps.. <br />
<br />
i was so sadd like i cried my eyes out .. i didnt even kiss him b4 he left. And worst i didnt even have a way to contact him . So becuz of love i went online... googled deportation camps nd found a couple in texas so i called a few number asking for him .. i didnt get thry to none until i reach the one i decided was my last phonecall I FOUND HIM !!!! i wasnt allowed to talk to be transferred to him but they gave him my number .. <br />
<br />
days went by, im on the street nd i get a phone call nd its him he told me he was gonna be deported in a few dayz i was hurt and angry at the same time. so now he is in grenada nd im he in ny <br />
<br />
His baby mother had a beautiful daughter for him me and her had beef wen we found out about eachother but now we gotta learn to live with di life . we talk now especially since me nd her babby daddy still together .. i am not done with my studies yet so i wont be able to see him yet maybe in the next yr or too ., i juss hope god gives us the strength to go on wit this ..

Absolutely .. Thks ..

Yeah! Actually, Im goin' to meet him this x'mas too :D<br />
but March2010 is final goal <br />
<br />

My goal was Christmas this year, after being in the LDR for three years. All that time we never met, to far, we had the usual internet, phone, mail. About 9 months ago he got a job, he came online less and less, didn't really want me to call him either. Stopped texting me. It ended right about the time I joined EP.<br />
<br />
I am happy for you and your bf and believe that LDR can work this was just not meant to be.

YAY! Almost the same time with me ;)<br />
<br />
Best luck for you both !<br />
<br />

Me and my love have been together on and off for three years now. Due to the distance which is a three hour drive, not a lot but enough, we were only able to see each other once a month. <br />
It suck so much when you walk down the street and see other couples or you hear your friends saying things like I wish my boyfriend would go away. No way! I want mine closer!<br />
WELL GUESS WHAT?! We just signed a lease for an apartment and were officially moving in during febuary. I'm moving into it in january since I'm closer and he's going to work a little more and come down in febuary!!! <br />
The distance might be hard but it's worth it.

omg .... hanna .. this is so sad .. Im so sorry to hear that .. Im here for you always honey .. Im glad you feel better .. ToT