My Friend Is Living It Up...

i have a friend and she lives here but her boyfriend lives in flordia. they have been going out for over a year and they have actually met, it was 2009 thanksgiving they met and hes come up here for her birthday,,, hes a pretty cool guy, and then my other friend who also live here has a boyfriend in colorado, they have been over 6 months, its going good because they just met to... and these girls are my best friends and their bfs are concidered my older bros... its nice... so i belive that long distance relationships work because i have seen the real deal.

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I think the "Long distance relationships don't work" idea came about because before we didn't have Skype, or messengers or texting and keeping in touch was a lot more difficult, so distance caused more problems. Today however we are closer than ever to people over seas, across the country, across the world. We are able to have relationships completely unheard of within the last 10 years. Take for instance one of my best friends lives in Australia, had it not been for me being able to Skype with him I would have never been introduced to my true love who lives across the country from me... I'm thankful everyday for it!

Long distance relationships can work, I'm in one. Its just extremely hard work but the only way it will work is TRUST and COMMITMENT.

dont we all... but u never know

Congradulation,time for celebration

awe. congraduations

It can .. I and my bf are 6000 miles apart but we are getting engage soon :)

i hope you work it out

i also believe long distant relationships can also work. i love someone who lives far away from me. its not soo good now but i think they can work

yes, i believe long distance relationships can work as well. It depends on the two ppl involved and how they love and want each other. I know from experience and mine went perfect