~ Because I've Seen It ~

MY GRANDPARENTS HAVE BEEN MARRIED 60 YEARS..... I'm not saying it's easy or anything. In fact, watching them through the years.....I'd say it's probably the hardest job anyone will ever have. But if love isn't worth the pain, the work, or the late nights..............what is? Personally, I hope that if I am EVER lucky enough to find that one guy who feels the same, who's willing to fight for us, that we last as long as my grandparents. I pray that when we're old, cranky, & grey haired... that we still hold hands in the mall, still look into each others eyes with love, & still sleep in the same bed because not to, means no rest at all. That's all I want, & it's because they've shown me what real love can be.............. IF YOU'RE WILLING TO WORK AT IT!

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4 Responses Mar 18, 2009

I know love can last, even after you loved one dies, the love goes on..

I want to believe it, I'm sure it exists, I thought I had it too..

i think you'll find it.<br />
you seem very compassionate about finding love.<br />
and to be that determined... it'll get you places.

i agree with you. anything worth anything is worth fighting for and we all need to have love in our lives.