Ageless Love

I'm a huge believer in this! I've also noticed that going with guys my age, their too damn immature! I'm 29 years old & majority of the guys I've been with, were older than me. & I'm saying @ least 10 years older. I seem 2 b able 2 connect better with older guys. Not 2 mention, older guys ( in my opinion) seem 2 b alot more interested in ur mind & not just ur body! & they seem 2 have a deeper appreciation 4 u than younger guys do. I've kind of made it a priority ( 4 myself anyway) 2 b with a older man, @ least i know with being with an older man, i will b his 100 percent focus! 2 me, older vs. Younger. There is no competition, in my book, older men win!!! No doubt in that.
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

I have recently experienced this, so agree with you :)