Why Do I Get Looked At Differently?

For a couple years now I have been attractive to older guys. I am fourteen and I like dating guys from sixteen to guys in their twenty's, but people always look at me different. People make rude comments about it too. Why?
MaddiNicholle MaddiNicholle
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Don't listen to these people! I started dating my boyfriend of over a year at the age of 15, and he was 21. Now I am almost 17 and he is 22, and we're going on a year strong. Age is nothing but a number. Trust me, I get judged badly too for my age difference with my boyfriend, but if you show these people that it doesn't bother you than they will stop. But If you keep feeding into them letting them know it bothers you, that makes them want to do it all the more. Just keep your head up, and follow your heart!

I like older men I like my neighbor who was in his late 20's or early 30's

They are all pervs. You need to find a boy your own age! I was almost raped by an older man at the age if 13, because I was flirty and promiscuous at the time.


They look at you rudely because they are immature. they have this misconception that liking an older man is "weird" or not "normal". Love is love. These people are probably just jealous and don't know how to show their feelings in a healthy way so they resort to childish nonsense like making fun of you. Feel sorry for them and stay true to yourself. Age is just arbitrary. I mean are you any less of an adult at 17 years and 364 days than you are 24 hours later at 18? Are you any less capable of drinking alcohal at 20 years and 364 days than you are at 21?The answer is NO. Age is just a stupid number that causes people to do stupid things.

good for you .
u ever thought about dating older than that?
(add me if u want too)