Timeless Affection

I really do feel as if love is an ageless thing, but our society has put so many limits on whats collectively right and wrong and i say **** that. So what if i fall in love with someone whos in there 50's(Not that i am). It would be my decision and mines alone and your 2 cents on anyone's love life does not contribute to making a dollar. I we view young an old wrong, but why should it be?

I meet this girl at i work with we were so compatible and knew so much about one anther and the only reason we didn't date was because she didn't want our relationship to be viewed as "morally wrong" our age gap isn't even that big of a deal in my mind i'm 20 she's 26 and i wouldn't have cared what anyone thought. I just wish i would have worked out

Needless to say love is a very powerful thing that 2 people of any age shoule be able to share, granted there're not like 90 but hey if thats your thing i won't judge lol
KeezyDerp KeezyDerp
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

Haha! I like this. I am currently talking to this guy who is 34 I'm 19...he and I have this strange connection. Him and I are still sticking through it. You should persuade her over in your court! Who knows....you may never find another that you will really like. Nowadays people listen to society and let people run their life. They marry and stay miserable with a person that they tolerate and make perfect roommates, but not someone they truly love or have that connection with. She's probably do not want to be looked down by dating someone younger than herself.