Love Doesn't Have An Age

I know I was in love even before I knew how to color in the lines, his name was Ziggy and he was my first love and best kitty friend for 17 years.

I hate when people put labels on love like 'Puppy love' I have never had a puppy love and I swear I never will. Love is powerful and special and anyone who say's it without emotion is a hypocrite. I got my first boyfriend when I was 13, he was wild and to the world he was the kinda guy mothers dreaded but he was my love and no one could of took that away. As weeks passed everyone would look down on us and call it stupid teenage love, swearing it would end any day. We made it 4 long years and surprised everyone. Hand in hand we went through all our teenager years together and never looked back. We were just two broke kids and it didn't matter because we survived off each other.  Many flaws were seen and many things were learned. So to any parents please I ask you don't use such mean words like "Teenage love", "Puppy love" and don't ever ever say 'There's plenty more fish in the sea' when all a girl wants is her Nemo.

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we were 12 when we fell in love 13 when we got married out of love not a family way we hshared our firts death at age 19 when she was killed

my second love was 18 i was 22 when were doing wash one night ad she ask me if i would buy her an icecream and siad yes as we walked the McD we each got ice creams

a month later she filed for sepertion fromher abuseive husband we we moved in with each other she called her parents a week or so later and told them they wanted to kniw about me soi gave then my grandparenst number to talk too a week later they all cameto alaska for a weeks visit\a chaplin got involved and his actions led tomy scond love that would have been my wife in about 3 week for year i carried the wedding rings we had bought for the service mounted on a bullet i would have used on that chaplin if i ever found him and i think even today if i found him and could prove it was kill i would killim the same way she was killed

her ex diedin a nurseing home a few years laer from the accidnet when he killed 3 other it was not for a few days they found her body in the trunk of his car

yeah I agree. I guess I don't ever have to tell anyone that because I really have no girl friends and most of my guys friends rarely tell me about there love life. My mom got mad cause she was heart broken over my step dad leaving her and I just told her men sucked. Ha guess I'm bad at love advice.

I know, but what do you tell a friend with broken heart who thinks her life is over because the man she thought was the one dumped her!

Keep the bond strong.

heh yeah I can understand the fish thing but I think when people say it that it's not really helping, I don't know that just my opinion.

Yeah I agree with that. It's teenagers like that who make everyone think that all young love is fake.

Thank you we were together for 13 through 17. He's now one of my best friends and no matter what no can destroy the bond.

Beautiful, well spoken. I guess the plenty fish goes for heart broken people, I tell that to friends when they have broken up.

I strongly agree with the puppy love and teenage love, I have seen teenagers pretending to be in love, so I think that's when you call it that way.

I wish you and your love all the best, thanks for sharing.