i dont think love has an age, i mean in my expriance. love is a strange thing, its diffrent for everyone, i believe any age can feel love and why not? who has the right to decide what love can and can't do? God? i dont believe in god.

love is so beauitful because, it is controled by no one. i believe anyway that you can't force someone to be inlove with you, to truly be inlove with you.

love is beauitful because it doesn't care about wealth, looks, race, age or social postion.

however love can also be dark and twisted, it can blind you, it can make you do things you would never do. it can shatter friendships.

love is a confusing thing really. but its beauitful and dark.

lol sorry for going on.....

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God i believe<br />
<br />
can be anything and anyone. its all down to the indivual i think.

I know what you mean. <br />
<br />
And what is God really?

personally, i'm agnostic :)<br />
<br />
but yes i agree, i think love and lust can go togeaher though. but if it is love then love will always out weigh the lust more. if you know what i mean.

I believe God exists, but he is thinking about and doing, woohoo, good luck with finding that out. But that's not with this post is about. Love; the most inexplicable, wonderful, and saddening aspect of life of all time. You're right Impuls, love is all of those things. And it is hard to know when you are in love and when you are in lust, I know. But the greatest aspect is it's blindness, it's disregard for race, sexual orientation, wealth, status. love just focuses on what we are when in private together with those we love.

what glass? i never mentioned a glass and what do you mean by cheating? are you talking about my name? you called me Impulsive thats my name then you went crazy lol<br />
<br />
are you okay Angel? lmao

what do you mean Angel? i never said anything about you putting something lol

yes its an amazing thing, thank you Angel for your comment, it means alot.....

i'll try, thats all i can promise you that i'll try so hard Rachel to do it......<br />
<br />
by fighting against life, against the world. you become a part of it......

Wise beyond your years, just make sure that you fight with every oz in your bone, and happiness with follow suit.

yes Rachel i agree with everything you say, before in the past. i felt depressed and wanted to change because even though i could do whatever i wanted to whoever i wanted to do it to and not feel a single pit of guilt. it wasn't worth it in my opion, i felt like there was just no point in it all. there was no point to my existance at all.<br />
<br />
human emotions, while they can drive us to do the most dumbest things and make us so sad that we kill ourselves. it in my point of view a price worth paying. because i've being down that road of feeling nothing.....<br />
<br />
for me, it goes nowhere.......

You are right. But without it, there is no sense in being in this world. People always strive to seek for meaning and purpose in what can seem like a damning, cruel and meagor existance. Love is transparents, and it comes in all forms. It is what we yearn for, and when the mixing it right, it is the most powerful, and beautiful thing that one can experience in their life. Yes, it is all emotions, happy and sad, angry and dramatic, but it makes life fuller. I always say that you can never find love, it finds you when you look for it the least.