In Different Doses and Amounts

Except for me -- I think I am done.  Yeah -- stick a fork in it.  

There are different types of love, but true intimate love, is something very special which people must earn from each other.  No - this is reserved for the incredibly lucky.

MizzBlue72 MizzBlue72
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6 Responses Dec 22, 2008

Newdaydog - I so COMPLETELY agree on this. <br />
I am willing to take some risks in small doses now, because I know I need to grow some. I'm ready to learn a bit now too.

"risk a little bit to get a lot" (or even just a little) is a good approach! If you don't play you can't win and if you're risking and just breaking even you're doing well and having a good time (hopefully).<BR>Good luck!

Life is too short to not try and take risks -- so risk a little bit to get a lot. I think that is my new mission statement :)

very well said miss b. i couldnt have said it better

Thank you -- sometimes you have to remember to not take yourself too seriously ... : )

MizzBlue,<br />
I've been reading your stories so that's all I know of you. Although I'm ignorant of your specifics I have been around a while so please let me disagree with you. You are still young and you have made some difficult decisions however you need not decide that you will never know intimate love again. As the RealWoman said earlier, there are many soul mates for you out there and each will fill a different set of voids in your life. Continue to love your child and as you regain your confidence you will open to other loves as well. <br />
Hang in there life can be better or worse it depends on the choices you make and you seem to be making the right ones now.