Words, Desire, Heart, Courage And Steps...

Words can be powerful in truth and in lie. Desire is just as strong but Desire is pure where as Words can be twisted. Heart can be found or lost in Words and Desire. Heart always speaks the truth and it cannot be twisted, but you have to listen.

Courage is derived and strengthened from Words, Desire and Heart, without it we can never move forward with direction. Courage can also be crushed by what strengthens it, if that happens and not regained we are lost. Steps can only be taken with the culmination of all four without steps we have no way to find the one thing that holds us, captures and binds us, the one thing that is pure.

Words, Desire, Heart, Courage and Steps can change the course of history, they are cause for pain, divorce, suffering, hatred, war and holocaust but they are also the reason for trust, hope, beauty, forever, sanity, discovery and they are the very essence of being.

You can find yourself on the right or wrong path once these five elements have been set in motion, they can point you in the right direction and just the opposite. They can lead you to failure, triumph, freedom, shackles, life, death, hatred or most importantly that one thing, love...

If you have spoken the Words, you've discovered Desire, found your Heart and whether you believe it or not, you have the Courage, you do. I can speak to you, I can offer the Words that lead to Desire, to build the Heart that helps you to find Courage but Baby, only you can take the Steps. Only you…

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7 Responses Nov 30, 2010

I hate catch-22's but, they are out there and so is that sweet spot, I'm sure of it ;)<br />
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Thank you for your wise words, That's what I'm searching for too. :)

Very wise words...<br />
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<i>Courage can also be crushed by what strengthens it, if that happens and not regained we are lost</i><br />
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Seems almost like a catch-22, but I think that there is a sweet spot somewhere in there. The perfect place to take flight. That's what I am searching for. : )

I am glad Pix, it takes some people a lifetime to find the right path. I think we all travel the wrong ones until we find a new path through the woods...<br />
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Thank you for reading and commenting :)

I do believe I am on the right path of these elements!!! It's taken a while but I think I'm getting there! :-)

oooh I like that B-Mystik...<br />
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after all I find it to be true, the action speaks louder than the words but we need both to tell our story...<br />
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Thank you for reading and commenting...

great post. <br />
Action is the sister of repentance.

Yes exactly, words are the beginning but what follows the words is what leads us to who we truly are. We should be respectful of others and how we chose to use our words but remember it is our steps in action that prove our words to be truths or lies...<br />
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Thank you beautiful msshelly for reading and commenting, I enjoy your words very much...